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I have purchased over 40 cars in my lifetime and I am a big believer that price comes second and customer service is number one. One of my best experience buying a car

Mr. Frank A. Vargas

Erick was extremely knowledgeable about the VW GTI that I purchased. You could tell he wasn't just a salesman but a subject matter expert. I had all researched the vehicle, but he was able to explain more features that I did not know. The negotiation process was the easiest part of the purchase. I didn't feel like they were trying to ?rip me off? and we came to a dealer where both parties were happy.

Mr. David C Hammond

Eric Dirvinowski is the best sales associate at pignataro and this I'd why we keep coming back, we will definitely come back to see him for our fourth purchase .

Mr. Miguel A Cornejo Robles

Ron & Rob were awesome. They had my paperwork and financing done in 30 minutes! This will be the only place that we will be buying cars from now on! Everyone was so so friendly and so helpful! They really make you feel so welcome and are so understanding with what you need and expect in a car! Thank You everyone that helped us within the process for all of your help and making our sale so fast and sucessful!

Ms. Meagan M.

I will highly recommend this dealership to all who are looking for a vehicle. As well as in the future, when I look for another vehicle I will always start with this dealership and Justin my salesman!! very Very Satisfied!!

Mr. Benjamin T.

My experience at Pignataro Volkswagen exceeded my expectations. Everything about the dealership, from the people to the facility was excellent. Not only would I purchase another vehicle from Pignataro, I will also be referring them to anyone that I know who is interested in a Volkswagen.

Mr. Patrick R.

This is my second per owned purchase from Pignataro. I appreciate everybody bring so easy to work with. Thank you!!

Dr. Laurel W.

Had a great experience and was even treated to lunch for myself and my sister who was with me. This is my third vehical purchased at Pignataro and have always recomended the dealership. thank you!

Ms. Teri C.

Your employees really do go over and beyond for their customers, it's really refreshing, thank you!

Mr. Danny L.

The most excellent dealership....!!!! Best in seattle..


Erick was a great person to deal with...I appreciate his honesty and product knowledge...Thank you again

Vincent P.

You guys were great. The effort given on New Years Eve right before closing was phenomenal.

Bryan A.

I originally walked in for just a test drive and to get some figures to consider. When I went out for my test drive, he began offering me some great deals for the end of the year and made it so that I had more to consider, but not in a pressured way in the least. After a bit of consideration, I decided to pull the trigger and see if we could work out a deal. They gave me a deal and gave me the opportunity to drive home in my new TDI with nothing down. I'm thoroughly impressed with the Pignataro team and my sales rep. I've already begun talking with friends about my experience and have some die hard Nissan and Toyota owners seriously considering crossing over to the VW world.
Thank you all, you rock!

Jonathan G.

Awesome experience. I would not hesitate to return and will recommend to all my friends. Thank you!

Maria L.

All of the sales staff at Pignataro were friendly, sincere, and fantastic to work with! Specifically, Erick Dirvanowski and Justin Benson were of tremendous help and were able to get me the exact car with the exact deal I was looking for. I literally shopped for a Volkswagen at eight different dealerships in the Seattle area and found Pignataro to be the most honest, courteous, prompt, thorough and accommodating of them all! I will highly recommend their excellent service to any of my friends and family members! Thank you!

P.S. My girlfriend said she actually had "fun" at the dealership! Do you realize how much easier it is to buy a new car when your girlfriend is having fun?! That should say something!

Andrew B.

My car buying experience was by far the best I've ever recieved! Justin Benson is a Class Act ! He treated me with utmost respect. I test drove 3 different models and Justin seemed to know everything about those vehicles top to bottom. I want to thank the entire staff at Pignataro Volkswagon for treating my son and I like family! I will tell everyone I know that this is the place to go!

Scott F.

Very impressed with the dealership. We felt comfortable and welcomed the minute we walked in the door - our sales consultants were great to work with - very knowledgeable, efficient and professional. All the staff we met and had contact with have left me with the feeling that they would go out of their way to be helpful. many thanks - love the Passat! Dusty Koenig

Paul K.

The experience was excellent and I will be back in for mor the purchase of a new Jetta down the road and hope to work with Erick again he is outstanding and very eager to ensure the customer is satisfied when they leave with there vehicle.

Clifford H.

Erick at Pignataro was awesome! He answered all my questions honestly and directly. It is because of his great personality that I will continue to come back to Pignataro.

Chad V.

Very professional staff, appreaciated the way they talked to me. Did not feel presured. Seemed like they really had conviedence in the quality of VW vehicles.

Daniel E.

Jeff was one of the most knowledgable,thoughtful and professional salesman I have ever dealt. I will be buying all of my vehicles from him. I will be telling all my friends about him and Pignataro VW.

Jeff. L.

I would recommend Pignataro Volkswagen to my friends and family. As always, we had another awesome experience purchasing our new vehicle.

Matt S.

David worked his usual magic to make sure all of the details regarding what we wanted and needed were looked after and that we were really happy with our purchases.

J. Empey

Eric and team were beyond exceptional. I was on an extreme time crunch as I travel extensively and had little time to shop for a car. The entire team was extremely professional and willing to do anything I needed to ease my time burdens including working with me over the phone as I drove to and from the dealer to take care of anything we could to reduce onsite time. I sent well over 20 email,s all of which were responded to promptly with everything I needed. Stellar as the team was - Eric was truly my night in shining armor and the reason that not only will I recommend Pignataro to friends and family - but I fully intend to return as a buying customer next time we're in the market for a car.

S. Lepera.

Christopher and Kathleen were both great!!! I had a great experience from start to finish of the purchase/lease, and since then. The day of purchase I was really pressed for time, and they worked quickly to get me on my way. I came back to "take delivery" and Chris was great again! When I went back to pick up my license plates, Christopher had my car washed for me! I so appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff that I have encountered at Pignataro VW. We also have a Jetta so we are fans of VW. I will definitely recomment and buy there again!

Ingrid P.

I love this dealer compared to other dealerships. There was no pressure, we were able to look at what we wanted and take time to decide. No sales tactics, like pressuring us into a sale, or trying to pre-qualify us when we were looking at the vehicles. Marcus was considerate and picked up on what we were interested in and was a great sales person.

Lori G.

I was taken by how professional and knowledgeable Justin Benson was throughout the entire process. Not only did he listen to all my restrictions and needs for my next car, he went above and beyond to make them happen. Justin made me feel very comfortable with the decision of getting into another lease, as we know purchasing a car is a huge decision. Justin made me feel like I was an MVP as did everyone else at Pignataro. This truly was an exceptional experience.

Luiza T.

This is our 5th car/van through this dealer and I think it is safe to say, they are on the christmas card list now!!

Melissa S.

Marcus was great he did not push us towards any car he very knowledgeable, friendly and answered all of our questions if I bought another car it would be though him

S. Cuomo

Due to my Past experiences I hate going to buy a new car. After buying my new VW, I actually enjoyed buying a new care. They were attentive, highly intelligent, honest and sincere. Qualities that mean a great deal to me, especially when investing thousands of dollars as well as my families driving safety. Thanks VW

S. Coates

Jay was not only professional, but a joy to work with. Thanks Jay!!

K. Stephens

My car sales person (Marcos)- did an excellent work and making this entire process great!!!!!

R. Sanchez

Erick found the exact (color, trim, interior, etc) vehicle we were looking for at another dealer. He kept us informed of any update in the dealer transfer process and answered any questions we had immediately, even on his days off. We were extremely pressed for time and Erick drove to the Amtrak station to pick us up and drove us to the dealer. I cannot say enough about Erick and Justin. They were very up front with us about everything and were fantastic to deal with.


Will only buy a car from Erik who is the BEST and most AWESOME guy EVER!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for great Car. TDI all the way.


I was provided excellent customer service by Justin Benson.

S. Marchant

These guys are the BEST! This is my second new car from this dealership and the satisfaction is always awesome from the sales staff, the financial and service staff. I continue to be rewarded with the care, convenience, and courtesy of this dealership. It emphasizes quality and is an example for the industry to follow. Keep knocking em out of the ball field guys!!!

L. Anderson

I'm very please with the way everything was handle, i wouldn't buy a car anywhere else as far as V W goes ,,,,, thanks to Eric and Justin and Mike that help me with the process of trading and the price and all the small detail that really made a difference on who I bought my car from and it is you guys , this is my second car I got from you and may not be the last one ,,,,,,

J. Guadalupe Vera-Nuno

I found a package through the Sales Manager that for only slightly more than I had asked allowed me to have all of the options I wanted. My dad's been buying (VW's Bellevue VW), my brother in-law just bought a new Passat (University VW) and our friends Jim and Lori Strickland referred us to Erick and Justin as they just bought a Jetta from Pignataro. I am very pleased with the entire experience and have already told others of my experience.

J. Sanders

As far as I'm concerned, Pignataro is the best VW dealership in western Washington!

C. Walters

My salesman, Jeff, was the absolute best ever! He answered every question I had. He showed me everything I needed to know. I will probably never find a better dealership. Every person I have come in contact with was helpful and very pleasent.

B. La Brash

Chris was great. He was funny yet professional. He made the experience enjoyable. I am super happy with my car and would recommend this dealership to anyone!


Everyone was very helpful. I especially liked how the sales managers offered to make my payments if I can't afford it. Thanks Mike and Sean! Erick was great.

E. Dirvanonwski

Great dealership. Great location, friendly, helpful, curtious staff. I hated cars salesmen untill we met Ron, he was extremely helpful, natural, and made our purchase comfortable. He listened to our needs and showed us cars in our price range with the features we required. Our experience was rewarding, fun, and brought some greatly needed trust and life back to our dying VW passion. Thank You

S. Grote

Erick Dirvanowski is an awesome sales agent. I really appreciate all the work he put in. He made my first new-car buying experience very easy. Thanks!

K. Lundberg

Justin was straight forward, knowledgeable, personable. I would gladly deal with him again.

W. Ingram

The Pignataro staff are so fantastic and the VW is such a fabulous auto that I would never consider driving another make and would always consider buying at Pignataro.

Actually, my VW has saved my life on 4 occasions due to the tightness of the steering. I have had to avoid two head-ons and if my car had been loose and not as tight as it is I would have lost control of my car but because of how it handles I was able to keep from going off the road or crashing. The same with automobiles/trucks coming into my lane when they did not see me. If I were not able to react and again, if the car had been more loose I would have lost control of the car. I LOVE MY VW AND HOW WONDERFULLY IT HANDLES. There is no other car that I have found to handle like my 2008 Passat. Thank you for your fine has saved my life several times!!

G. Fairchild-Gunderson

Our sales guy(Justin) was great!!! He worked out the numbers to get where we wanted to be. He was very friendly and explained everything. I had miss placed my license in my previous car and he was able to locate it and called me to make arrangements to get it. Thanks again! We love our VW.

M. Duce

Justin is very professional in his presentation of the product and answering questions. Pignataro VW has truly taken the time to educate their sales personnel on the products they sell. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

S. Arenas

I loved Ron (Monzon's) enthusiasm and optimistic attitude throughout the entire buying process. He was (genuinely) nice, helpful and didn't have issues with explaining all of the little things and even repeating himself. This was my first time buying a car, so he definitely left me with a "good memory" of how i'd like a car-buying process to flow but also the type of salesman i'd like to interact with/buy from. He's definitely a great salesman and worth double his salary! Not to mention, that because of my experience at VW Pignataro, I have a few friends who are in the market looking for cars (VW's) to be specific and I am pleading with them that they need to check out VW Piganataro and ask for RON MONZON! :) - A SATISFIED DARN CUSTOMER!

R. Hoke

Our salesman, Eric, was excellent!!!

K. Brannon